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  • How long does it take to repair a photo at Costco?
    Costco Photo Restoration Service is Quality driven. Photos are returned as soon as the images clear our own internal Quality Control process. Our Costco photo repair service delivery commitment is within 7-business days.
  • How much is Costco Photo Repair Service?
    $29.99 Pre Paid - Flat rate, regardless of the photo repair work requested. INCLUDES: Photo repair, revisions, plus (1) 5 x 7 print.
  • What is included in this price?
    Costco Photo Repair Service includes: Scanning, Unlimited revisions, JPEG digital file on a DVD, plus (1) 5 x 7 print.
  • Do I need to get an estimate before repairing my photo?
    No estimates. We offer one flat rate for all our photo repair work. Just bring your photo to your local Costco Photo Center and we will scan it for you.
  • What file size is returned when you restore my photo?
    We return the same size file that is provided to us when the photo is scanned.
  • Are there any photos that you cannot repair at?
    Extremely low resolution images, like newsprint and camera phone images, and very out-of-focus photos offer the greatest repair challenges to customer satisfaction.
  • Where can I restore a photo?
    If you want the best in photo restoration service bring your photo to your local Costco Photo Center for all your photo repair service needs.
  • What are the file requirements?
    All photos at actual size by 300ppi, Scale to TARGET SIZE and save as JPEG
  • What color space should I use?
    sRGB is the requested color space.
  • What size JPEG should I Save As?
    Please save as maximum image quality size 10.
  • Can I provide a non JPEG file, like TIFF, RAW, or PSD, .Doc, BMP, GIF?"
    No. Our system will only accept JPEG files.
  • My image appears low resolution. What happened?
    Please double check that the original provided to us is 300ppi.
  • Can I get multiple versions of one photo for the cost of one photo?
    Only one repaired photo is returned per photo. If you require multiple versions of the same photo, you must treat these as separate photo repair requests.
  • Can I put multiple photos in one scan?
    Only one photo per scan, please.
  • What if I want a different background?
    All photo elements must be provided by you. This will avoid speculation, as well as to comply copyright laws.
  • Low Resolution Image?
    Consider that the print will appear dithered. If is a scanned image, re-scan the image and SCALE to target print size of 8x10.
  • Can I submit a photo for repair that has a copyright or studio marking if I have a release letter?
    Under no circumstances will we alter an image that has a copyright claimed.
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